‘Back to basics’ for QSRs after COVID-19

‘Back to basics’ for QSRs after COVID-19

With discretionary spending over the coming months set to be tight as the true impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are felt upon the economy, it could be ‘back to basics’ for consumers seeking the best bang for their buck when they head out for a meal.

Many café’s and small operators have been learning, for the first time, to incorporate takeaway into their offering as a result of changing consumer behaviour, and with that has seen an increase in take away-specific orders at staple QSRs across the country.

Studies suggest that consumers have used this troubling time as a chance to amend their typical take-out orders, reverting to options that aren’t overly complicated and are friendly on the budget.

The rise of home cooking has also seen consumers turn quite heavily towards items that they cannot replicate in their own kitchen.

It’s highly unlikely take away will experience any sort of drop in the near future, particularly given many establishments are operating under reduced occupancy rates and the need for social distancing.

But with a clear idea now of how the customer is consuming their take-out, QSRs can manage their staffing levels and supply chain accordingly.