Is it prime time for a food truck resurgence?

Is it prime time for a food truck resurgence?

They had their moment at the turn of the decade, selling everything from Souvlaki and Gözleme to Crêpes and Churros, but the food truck trend has certainly faded over time.

While some still maintain a loyal following, consumers still find comfort in turning to the brick and mortar stores that dominate the fast food landscape.

But is the COVID-19 pandemic a catalyst for future growth of the industry once more? Particularly now that the entire foundation of how brands service their customers has been pulled out from beneath us?

Part of the appeal revolves around their flexibility – they rarely remain in the same spot for long, instead following the crowds and events as required. That flexibility could have suddenly become attractive to operators now that certain areas of the country have watched tourism and general foot-traffic dry up and multiple office closures.

The concept is also safe and contactless. Without dining areas, a food truck is less concerned with sanitising seats after they have been used and can instead focus on their product. The opportunity to grab your food through the truck window and eat in the fresh air or in your car can also be seen as an appealing alternative to eating in a store.

Ultimately, though, while consumers have previously shown an appetite for adventure when it comes to food, it’s the appeal of what they know that will always pull them back to what is tried and tested.