Overseas drive-thru trends changing the QSR game

Overseas drive-thru trends changing the QSR game

The drive-thru has become a vital weapon in the quick service restaurant arsenal. The trend of in-car dining has increased by 39% in 2020. This is understandably due to the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world. The trend hasn’t slowed in 2021 and is likely to continue rising into the foreseeable future.

It is for this reason that improving the drive-thru experience has become paramount to QSR. Restaurants in the US are focusing their energy on upgrading their drive-thru systems to meet the increase in demand. Let’s delve into the newest drive-thru trends keeping QSRs performing at their best.

The more drive-thru lanes the better

It’s no secret that the key to getting more customers through the door, or in this case through the lane, is to increase the number of lanes they can go through. In the US, fast food businesses have boasted new designs for a 2 story, 4 lane drive-thru. The concept, which is still in development, incorporates food elevators to send meals down to consumers’ cars.

Prioritising online ordering

Another QSR trend that isn’t going away any time soon is online ordering. The US has seen some QSRs create designated online order pick-up lanes, supporting a quick contact-free system that is essentially pandemic proof.

While these trends are still gaining momentum in the US, they are a good indication of what’s to come here in Australia, across the sector.