Is the QSR industry facing an employment crisis?

Is the QSR industry facing an employment crisis?

At the beginning of 2020, less than 40% of full-service QSRs reported being fully staffed in hourly, non-management positions.

Worse, only 10% could claim a fully staffed kitchen.

Even Pre-COVID, things were not rosy in the QSR industry, and the aftermath is proving just as problematic from an employment perspective.

While hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost to the pandemic, other industries were growing and hiring – attracting promising employees away from QSRs.

Add to that the rise of the gig economy and the shrinking number of teens in the workforce, it’s clear that staffing issues are rearing their head.

It has forced the hand of many Licensees, who have turned their focus to employee retention, seeking transferrable skills and letting their current team recruit by referral to engage and grow their business.

With new regulations and standards of safety expected both internally and externally, QSRs must adapt to ensure they can retain and recruit into the future.