What lies ahead for restaurant franchising in 2021 and beyond

What lies ahead for restaurant franchising in 2021 and beyond

QSRs Australia-wide were ready for a fresh slate when the calendar rolled over into 2021.

But it’s important to recognise that while 2020 posed some unique and, at times, overwhelming challenges, it has also opened the door to some unprecedented opportunities.

Many QSRs found themselves especially prepared for COVID-19 – not through a pre-awareness, but instead through their already established willingness to work with delivery aggregators and their reliance on drive-thru.

The nature of a pandemic leads people to look for more stability in their lives – more proven concepts. While during lockdown and in the months following that concept directly correlated to sustained and, in some cases, increased orders, it now crosses over into the workforce.

With many now seeking second jobs or new careers to supplement lost wages, the lure of an established franchise restaurant can be too difficult to turn down.

The advantage of franchising lies in the community aspects – acting as allies rather than competitors and remembering that a rising tide lifts all the boats.

Increased need in the workforce doesn’t just have to help your competition, it can be beneficial to franchisees looking to expand as well.

The platform is certainly set for future growth in the industry.