Is now the perfect time to take sustainability seriously?

Is now the perfect time to take sustainability seriously?

2020 has seen the largest year on year drop in greenhouse gas emissions since WWII.

So, while the impact of COVID-19 has been nothing short of detrimental, our environmental footprint has received a welcome boost as a result of the global pandemic.

It poses a fairly simple and yet potentially important question – is now the time to further embrace sustainable initiatives in QSRs?

This is an issue that predates COVID-19, with many studies suggesting consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products. Now more than ever, it feels like that won’t be going away.

Gone are the days of consumers voting with their wallet – instead, there are online forums providing more ways than ever to voice their opinions.

The message is loud and clear. Sustainability is the future.

As such, a core factor in earning the support of the consumer is voicing your environmentally conscious targets and offerings.

In the modern world, transparency stands above all – being open and informative regarding your businesses sustainable choices has become of utmost importance.

The next step is understanding your supply chain and educating yourself on your suppliers’ commitment to sustainability.

Our circular economy demands participation at multiple levels, so it’s important to recognise whether their commitment matches your own.

The last step is making tangible decisions that enact change. Any level of positive impact is a step in the right direction – many businesses look to single-use plastics and foam first and go from there.