The future of AI that will transform the drive thru experience

The future of AI that will transform the drive thru experience

Already the most important sales channel in many cases, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how prominent drive thru sales are when it comes to the success of a QSR.

And while operating a high-volume drive thru is part and parcel of the job, doing so during a global health crisis is anything but.

With consumer satisfaction largely measured now by contactless service, QSRs are forced to do more with less – something made much more possible by the adoption and acceptance of technology and its role in the fast food process.

That’s where AI technology comes in, with recent advancements making it possible to implement contactless ordering and payment without the typical ‘pay-by-card’ method. Instead, AI automation and voice commands do the heavy lifting.

It can also help to drive sales through license plate recognition so QSRs can make recommendations based on prior buying patterns, or facial recognition software to determine the mood of a drive thru customer and make suggestions based on this.

QSRs can leverage technology to understand and solve a multitude of the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the ensuing changes to consumer behaviour and can help brands leave a lasting impression.

Ultimately, this will help to drive much-needed sales.