How US fast food chains are keeping people safe during COVID-19

How US fast food chains are keeping people safe during COVID-19

While Australia experiences a second wave, of sorts, of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a spike in cases being felt not just in Victoria but across the country, it’s sage to remember many nations are feeling the pinch just as badly.

In many cases, it’s far worse. Take the United States for example – they currently register daily increases of more than 40,000 cases. On Friday, August 21 their case numbers were more than double those that Australia has registered since the pandemic begun.

They’re statistics that the fast food industry in America is taking very seriously, and as such has put plenty of time and effort into ensuring there are avenues available for QSRs to adhere to the evolving protocols and compliance guidelines.

The COVID-19 landscape has accelerated a ‘new normal’ when it comes to digitisation and safety standards within fast food restaurants, and organisations such as Dominos, Chipotle, P.F. Chang’s and 7-Eleven have turned to automation to help guide them through the correct operating procedures, food safety and public health protocols being enforced.

Technology allows chains to ensure every location knows what work they need to do to keep the environment safe for employees and customers. In turn, the technology delivers accountability and lets the chain know if work is being accomplished and protocols are being followed.

Hourly employees, for example, log into a mobile application after they’ve clocked into work and the tech delivers actionable items for the employees to carry out.

This ability to be agile in updating safety procedures across restaurants and make decisions in real time has become critical amid the coronavirus pandemic, and it will be important in the years ahead as we learn to navigate the ‘new normal’.