If it appreciates
…buy it,

If it depreciates
…lease it!

~ J. Paul Getty


Playcentre Equipment Finance 

Enterprise Finance has been working with playcentres, gaming and entertainment venues across Australia in financing playcentre equipment upgrades for many years.

Playground 1

We can fund all aspects of the playcentre equipment including installation and design components to the entire asset equipment. Terms are designed to suit cash flow.  In most cases, the sole security being the asset itself!


Funding includes: 

- Softfall play surfaces

- Tubes, fencing, nets

- Fully contained playareas

- Mezzanine flooring

- Jumping castles, slides

Playground 2

- Accessories – balls, mobile cars/bikes


We work with equipment suppliers to determine a finance solution to fit each particular client.

We understand some equipment may be sourced from overseas and Enterprise can assist you with the funding under an L/C escrow arrangement.

Enterprise Finance is proud of our longstanding relationship with McDonald’s, funding playground upgrades over the past 20 years.



For more info, please contact Hao Tan, General Manager Mobile: 0413 941 385

Email: hao@enterprisefinance.com.au  

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