If it appreciates
…buy it,

If it depreciates
…lease it!

~ J. Paul Getty


Enterprise Finance was a pioneer in the development of operating lease products in Australia. We are able to arrange funding and residual risk underwriting on a wide range of capital assets including many highly specialised items:

  • motor vehicle fleets
  • earthmoving, construction and mining plant
  • transport vehicles and equipment
  • waste bins
  • storage tanks
  • printing and packaging plant 
  • manufacturing plant
  • cranes
  • buses
  • medical equipment
  • garbage compactors
  • street sweepers 
  • milking plant
  • IT hardware and software
  • materials handling equipment

Ditchwitch directional drilling machine financed by Enterprise Finance
An electric generator financed by Enterprise Finance

For an operating lease to be attractive to the lessee, it is essential for the underwriter to take a realistic residual risk position. Enterprise Finance has the national and international connections to successfully negotiate a suitable risk position for an extensive range of capital assets.

We are also mindful of the need to structure a rental stream to meet cash flow requirements.

Operating leases are of particular appeal to public companies, larger private companies, utilities and government instrumentalities.

For specific one-off projects, it is an ideal alternative to gain the use of plant and equipment without having to enter into outright purchase.  At the end of the contract term there is a range of options available.

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