If it appreciates
…buy it,

If it depreciates
…lease it!

~ J. Paul Getty


The Farmer's Dream 

You have probably wished for a financier who:

  • actually understands your industry
  • is able to determine and provide the ideal financial structure to suit your cash flow and taxation planning


  • does not insist on taking a charge over the farm, the stock, the crops, the kids, the cat and the mother-in-law.

If you thought this was nothing more than a fanciful dream, think again.

Enterprise Finance is the independent financier who can satisfy your wish list.  And yes, there really is a financial world beyond your humdrum bank - a financial world that is innovative and sensitive to your needs.


What do we finance?

All types of plant, equipment and motor vehicles including:

  • rotary and herringbone dairies, milk vats and ancillary equipment
  • tractors, harvesters, silos, milking sheds, calf feeders and cup removers
  • trucks, cars and utes


The Enterprise Finance Approach

  • Discuss finance structures and funding alternatives to determine the approach that best suits the circumstances
  • Prepare a professional credit proposal
  • Select the most suitable funding source
  • Arrange credit approval with fair and reasonable terms and conditions
  • Attend to all documentation and co-ordinate settlement


Methods of Finance

  • Asset Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Lease
  • Term Loans


Compare Us to Your Bank

  • Clearly your bank can ONLY offer its OWN products together with the prescribed rates, fees and charges.

  • Enterprise Finance has access to virtually the entire finance market.

  • We take the time to listen to our clients' needs and problems and by using our knowledge of the industry we design a finance structure to suit the individual.

For more information contact us or view other products in our range


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