If it appreciates
…buy it,

If it depreciates
…lease it!

~ J. Paul Getty


What is Debtor Finance?

Rather than waiting 30, 60 or 90 days, Debtor Finance allows funds to be received as soon as the invoice is raised.

In a typical situation the lender immediately advances a major proportion of the invoice amount (usually 80%), with the balance of funds (less fees and charges) transferred to your account when the invoice is eventually paid.

Generally there is NO security required other than a charge over the debtors' ledger and a business can receive an immediate cash flow injection by financing all current invoices less than 90 days old.

Key benefits

  • No more waiting to get paid
  • Limit grows in line with your sales
  • Receive an initial lump sum for outstanding invoices less than 90 days old
  • Ability to offer more favourable terms to your customers

Enterprise Finance has access to the whole range of debtors financiers and is able to select the most appropriate funder to suit each client's particular circumstances.

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