If it appreciates
…buy it,

If it depreciates
…lease it!

~ J. Paul Getty


Broking Services

Broking assignments represent the majority of work undertaken by Enterprise Finance. With broking assignments, our fees are paid by the financier and, apart from document and statutory fees, no direct charge is made to the client.

Typically, the objectives of these assignments are:

1.  To offer guidance as to the most appropriate finance structure having regard to:  

  • business planning
  • cash flow
  • taxation
  • commercial reality

2.  To select the most appropriate financier having regard to:  

  • compatibility with client profile
  • compatibility with asset classification
  • likely approval conditions
  • early termination provision
  • competitive interest rates
  • ability to act within time constraints
  • commercial comprehension

3.  To prepare a detailed credit application to ensure that the client's current and proposed position is presented
      in a professional manner.

4.  To undertake all requirements pertaining to documentation and all matters necessary to effect a prompt and 
      efficient settlement of the transaction.

Consulting assignments

Enterprise Finance also undertakes specialised consulting assignments which may or may not be directly related to the funding of plant and equipment. For example, 

  • debt restructuring
  • investigation of and advice on current and proposed banking services, security requirements, interest rates, fees and charges
  • preparation and evaluation of operating lease tenders.

With consulting assignments, the objectives are:

  1. To take a totally impartial view of the project and to ensure that recommendations are determined after due consideration of all relevant information.
  2. To use the resources and expertise of Enterprise Finance and, where appropriate, to use the resources and expertise of other professionals to ensure that the conclusions and recommendations reflect the optimum result for the client.
  3. To work within the terms of reference and to meet agreed timetables.

Fees for consulting assignments are usually determined by time/cost.

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